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The Acres Bank Save Up Program can be a great supplement to your current savings strategy. With Save Up, it’s so easy to save.

You can use your Acres Bank Carefree checking account* to participate in Save Up.

Every ACH and debit card purchase you make with your checking account is automatically rounded up (to the nearest dollar) and deposited into your savings account. Money accumulates without any calculation or transfer on your part.

Imagine you’re at your local coffee shop for a latte. You pay $4.65 for it. A Save Up purchase will round up to $5, with $4.65 going to the merchant and 35 cents going to your designated account.

35 cents may not seem like much, but consider how often you swipe or tap your debit card. With Save Up, people often make 30 transactions per week and save more than $10. Compound interest can increase the amount even higher, bringing the total to more than $520 a year. A user’s account is credited with this lump sum after all this small change accumulates throughout the day.

Rounding up to the nearest dollar is not something all banks offer, so if you think the round-up savings account will help you save, consider talking to someone at Acres Bank. No matter whether you’re trying to save up for a vacation or an emergency fund, it can be a good perk to add to your savings.

If you’d like to participate in our Save Up program, just fill out a quick form on our digital banking app, or give us a call at 1-877-711-0622.

* You must have an Carefree Checking account to enroll in Save Up. Save Up cannot be added to an HSA account.