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Our roots are in agriculture.

We have decades of experience in farm lending. Our founder, Earl Geiger, was the son of a farm extension agent in Iowa and inherited his father’s passion for helping farmers succeed. In the 1960s, Heritage Bank N.A. was formed by a group of small midwestern farm banks.

When Congress chartered Farmer Mac, in the aftermath of the 1980s Farm Crisis, Heritage Bank was one of the first banks to join the program, providing long-term farm real estate loans to stabilize America’s agricultural economy.

By 1995, Heritage Bank became one of the ten largest agricultural banks in the United States. Since then, the bank has diversified and evolved. Acres Bank* was created in 2023 to carry on the legacy of agricultural real estate lending.

Agricultural lending has changed over the decades, but we’ve never forgotten our roots and the lessons we’ve learned from working with farmers, especially through tough times.

Helping farmers through generations has impassioned our desire to help finance their goals and see them succeed, strengthening the backbone of America’s rural economy.

Tom Geiger - Heritage Bank NA
“We understand the importance of hard work and know that relationships are built on trust. We’ve been through the ups and downs and understand Agriculture. We’re in it for the long haul.” – Tom Geiger, CEO, Acres Bank

Tailored and flexible financing.

We provide long-term, low-rate land loans nationwide. This allows you to weather any storm that may arise with the complexities that come with agribusiness.

Whether you’re a beginning farmer, rancher, established producer, or an investor in farmland, we will tailor your financing to meet your needs.

Digital-first technology. People-first attention.

We combine the best digital solutions with prompt, personalized attention to provide applicants a smooth and stress-free financing journey.

Outside of having access to our easy-to-use app and online platform, you’ll receive 1-on-1 guidance from your loan officer through every step of the way. Your loan officer will be by your side helping you with any financial questions you might have. Our loan officers are well-versed with farmers and in the ag space, so they understand the challenges you face in each new season.

Modern solutions you deserve.

Our partnership with Farmer Mac allows us to provide credit decisions in as little as one business day, a simplified application process, minimal financial information required, and always choice pricing.

* Acres Bank is a division of Heritage Bank NA.

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