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Teresa DeWolf

Mortgage Loan Originator
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Teresa DeWolf is a valuable asset in the lending and banking arena. In fact, she’s been a lender for over 10 years and is recognized as a leader in her field.

In 2020, Teresa was chosen by the Iowa Finance Authority as a Preferred Lender in the state of Iowa.

Growing up around farmland gave Teresa insight into farmers lives and exposure to farmland and agricultural investing. She appreciates the hard work and dedication it takes to manage and own farmland, especially the continuous challenges farmers face in their work.

As a devoted Loan Officer, Teresa provides her patients with intricate attention to detail and outstanding customer service, allowing herself to be available even after hours whenever her clients need her. She likes to provide advice and keep her clients fully updated and informed in each step of the lending process.

Teresa has three children with her husband, and they enjoy playing golf together! Score an ace yourself by choosing Teresa as your Loan Officer. You’ll be in great hands!