Kara Honebrink

Kara Honebrink

Loan Officer
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With over twenty years of experience in the mortgage lending industry, Kara Honebrink has developed a passion for numbers and the art of crafting seamless deals that help clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. Kara finds deeply rewarding moments such as guiding first-time buyers to their new homes and assisting with financial reorganization to alleviate life’s burdens. Her unwavering dedication to her clients, extensive industry knowledge, and relentless drive have propelled her into leadership roles.

Kara firmly believes that personal growth is a continuous process. Kara’s entrepreneurial background, which includes successfully starting and running two restaurants and a medical transportation company, has greatly enriched her business acumen. Although she has shifted her focus to mortgage banking, her entrepreneurial spirit continues to shape her perspective and resonates with many business-owning clients.

Outside of her professional life, Kara finds joy in her family. She takes pride in being a parent to three adult sons, sharing her life with her significant other, Jason, and enjoying the company of her golden doodle, Lulu. Whether it’s appreciating the beauty of nature, taking leisurely walks with Lulu, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or indulging in mysteries, Kara cherishes the quality time she spends with her loved ones.

Kara’s mission is clear: she is committed to serving her clients with integrity, sharing her knowledge, and ensuring that everyone she collaborates with is one step closer to realizing their homeownership goals. For her, this is more than just a profession—a lifelong dedication to learning, growth, and leadership in the mortgage lending industry.