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Jean Marthaler

Loan Officer
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Since joining the lending industry, Jean Marthaler has led an impressive career as a Loan Officer and Trusted Advisor. She is happy to do anything she can for you in the lending process. She knows just how busy you are and truly values your time. This allows you to focus on the more important things in your life.

Jean is a lending expert, and understands that the multitude of loan programs we have available can be a bit overwhelming. For example, some buyers want to purchase without a down payment, while others may desire the lowest payment possible. After determining your primary goals for this loan, she will narrow down your options to the top two or three. Then she can help you discern which is best for your particular situation. This will take the burden off you as the buyer, so you can spend time on the more enjoyable decisions, like which house will become your home!

Jean finds joy in helping everyone from young to established and retiring business leaders – She wants to serve them to ensure they get the best home and loan possible. Jean has been working in the industry since 2000, and she knows exactly the moves to make to best suit her client’s needs. The regular volume of referrals Jean receives from her clients speaks to her industry knowledge and uncompromising professionalism.