Matt Velline

Matthew Velline

Mortgage Loan Originator
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Matt Velline has over 17 years of lending industry experience. He is recognized by his clients for being solution-oriented and thorough.

Growing up in North Dakota, Matt spent his summers working on a dairy and small grain farm, which allowed him to appreciate and witness first-hand the hard work that it takes to run a successful ag business.

When it comes to his clients, Matt ensures they have a clear understanding of their options and works with them to land on the best solution.

Matt is also a professional singer, guitarist, songwriter, recording artist! His creative side allows him to think outside the box and find creative solutions for his clients.

Matt goes above and beyond to make someone’s day and bring them joy. He’s a dynamic professional who spends the extra time with clients to make things work. He believes his role is always as a trusted advisor first, and a salesperson last.

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